This famous heirloom variety was bred by Dr. George Darrow, the acclaimed strawberry breeder. It was introduced in 1933 and became an instant hit because of its mild legendary flavor and low acidity. Many call it the most flavorful strawberry ever bred. It became the parent of many hybrids through the years.

It fell out of favor over the years because new more shippable (harder) varieties were bred and introduced. It may not be able to tolerate shipping for weeks cross country but you will be glad to pick it and take it to your kitchen (if it even makes it that far). Not a good freezer because of the low acidity but excellent for fresh eating and for jams and jellies.

The plants are June bearing types, producing a spring crop over a few weeks. They do not produce a lot of runners but enough to fill in beds nicely. It has been said that this variety produces more pollen than any other. Those who say this contend that fruit is larger with less defects because of the excess pollen giving full pollination.

This is our third year growing Fairfax. Below are a few pictures we’ve taken of the plants and the fruit. As promised, the fruit flavor and aroma are second to none when compared to hybrid strawberries. This variety belongs here and probably is the queen of legendary strawberry varieties.