Gariguette – the legendary French strawberry.

Gariguette is a variety that dates back to the 1930s and is considered to be the French equivalent to “Royal Sovereign” on account of its pleasing fragrance and sugar-sweet flavor. The elongated fruits are a brilliant vermilion-red. The flesh is delicate, soft and particularly juicy and totally mouthwatering,

We receive some rooted runners from a customer in Wilmington, DE in the early spring of 2016. They had already produced fruit so we didn’t get to experience it.

During the summer we rooted a lot of runners and potted some into larger pots to be used for stock next season. We don’t have an unlimited supply but are offering some on our stores.

Since we don’t have first hand pictures of the fruit we will include a couple here taken from the web and supply some links so you can learn first hand from those who grow or sell this gourmet variety. We encourage you to purchase a plant or two to grow your own. There’s nothing like growing it yourself and experiencing fruit harvested fresh from the garden.


First Berry Starting to Ripen May 11, 2017




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